Bitvero Privacy Policy

Bitvero is gathering your information and this page will help you understand what exactly we are recording

Your Name

If you will provide your name on our website, this will help us to address you

Your Email Address

If you will provide your email address on our website, we will not share your email address with anyone else, perhaps we may use it to contact you in future

Your IP Address

All websites record IP address of those who visit and so we do as well, generally IP address is used for identification, particularly in those cases where companies use static IP address, in this case we can figure out who actually visited.

Personal Information

We are happy if you wish to share your personal information like address, phone number with us, though we never share this information to anyone else and will only keep this to contact you

Cookies & Tracking Codes

Cookies will be placed via browsers during website visits and we also use them, However you can turn off these cookies as well from your browser and again without effecting your browsing, though if you may enable cookies this will help the browser understand you have come before and will enhance your browsing experience,

This site also runs a Google Analytics tracking code, this helps us understand how many website pages you visited and how much time you stayed there and of course other related data, you can always disable Java script in your browser to disable any type of tracking,

“Similar to Google Analytics, we also use IPFingerprint web analytics for marketing purposes which collects information about your ip address, computer and your visits to and use of our website only. IPFingerprint store ip address details securely and confidentially for the functioning of their service and never share these, or any other secure details with any third parties”