What to check before changing your website hosting?

Friends, one way is to open Google, search for website hosting, screen a few companies, understand their services and what they claim, sign-up with them, and you are done.

Seems quite straight-forward. Although it isn’t that straight, when you go a bit deeper, you will realise questions will pop up related to:

  • Who will handle the migration of my website?
  • Am I also changing my email boxes?
  • How shall I migrate email boxes?
  • What may be the downtime during the migration process of the website and emails?
  • Will my existing host handle website & email migration?
  • I can’t afford to lose my important emails.

The moment such questions pops-up in your mind, you now think to allocate time to research such topics and end up catching yourself busy with your scheduled tasks.

And if it goes that way, then you should read further.

First, try to examine,

What is wrong with the existing hosting and the reasons you would like to switch?

  • Is your website going down frequently?
  • Are you facing problems opening your website?
  • Are your customers complaining that the website is slow?
  • Are you facing a website hacking issue?
  • The hosting panel is typical to understand
  • Poor hosting support

And if you are planning to change your website hosting due to all the above reasons.

Then you should stop now!

As these may or may not be the exact reason you should change your host.

You should ponder if your website is not up to date with:

  • Backend plugins
  • CMS (Content managed system)
  • Security lapse
  • Bespoke-dated functionality

Such issues then persist even if you may change the website hosting.

In this case, your only saviour is a professional website design company who can give your website a medic.

Although fixing issues is a one-off exercise, it would be wise to sign up for a website maintenance & support package.


Your website needs continuous monitoring, updates and patching.

Now once your website is up to date and issues iron out, now it is time to check if

  • Your website is still slow
  • Or still going down frequently

If yes, then discuss with your website design company to optimise your website and make speed enhancements.

They may charge one-off fees for website optimisation services

Now during website optimisation consultancy, your website consultant may suggest you change your website host.

If they may observe your website is hosted in the region other than where it is needed?

For example, if your target audience is in India, hosting the website in the US or European region is not recommended.

You can consider the above point primary should you wish to change your website hosting.

Hopefully, at this point, your website should be faster now and the speed issue is gone.

The next valid point is…

Website support

If you are facing issues with the support criteria of your existing host, that can be a strong reason you should consider changing your website hosting.


If you will look closely, the right consultancy matters. You may end up making the situation worst in the absence of proper consultancy.

Thus, before doing anything ad-hoc, it is always recommended to consult a website maintenance & support service specialist.

We always recommend having a managed hosting of your website instead of the shared or the independent one,

Managed web hosting service covers all the things we have discussed above.

A managed web hosts ensure the smooth functioning of your website 24×7.

Managed hosting costs more than regular hosting purchased from GoDaddy etc., although it provides peace of mind.

That’s all for now.

Thank you very much for going through the article.

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