5 Unusual Content Promotion Strategies You Must Know

If you are done with the usual content marketing strategies and want to go beyond to promote your brand in the online presence, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss some useful unusual content promotion strategies that you can, in addition to your usual marketing strategies, use to get an extra edge in marketing.

Let’s get to know about them one by one.

 Partner with Local Influencers

Going after big celebrities for promotion is great but not that viable.

The reason is that they are highly expensive, and their social engagement is not that good due to their vast and diverse fan base.

In this scenario, approaching a micro-influencer is both a good and wise choice. They are easily approachable, usually under budget, and, most importantly, they have a high engagement rate.

It is because they do not have many followers, so they can more capably interact with their fans individually, giving value to the audience.

So, when you collaborate with such influencers, you are actually investing in a worthy deal.

Plus, if your intent is to promote in the local area, micro-influencers usually have a more concentrated following that resembles your target market.

 Twitter Thread your Content

When you spend energy and time creating a piece of content, repurposing it for double benefit seems a great idea.

For that, a Twitter thread seems ideal enough.

For example, if you have a blog post providing valuable information, convert it into a thread by extracting the most important point out of it in the form of resource lists, actionable best practices, step-by-step guides, recommendations or even quick “how-to” guides.

The reason for posting threads is that Twitter algorithms give them more weight than tweets with a link, which apparently seems a marketing tactic.

According to a Buffer survey, the first tweet of the Twitter threads received mostly more engagement than the tweet with a link. On average, the threads received 54 per cent more engagements.

Share on Content Aggregator Amplification or Content Aggregator Platforms

Whether it is about social media marketing efforts or promoting web content, both social aggregator and amplification platforms add value to your marketing strategy.

Though many businesses are active on such platforms, they are still not that popular because mostly social platforms like Facebook and Instagram remain the first choice when it comes to amplifying.

That is the reason they still remain an unusual but effective content marketing strategy.

The benefits that such platforms bring are that they add some extra visibility to your content, and all your content from social media websites and other platforms becomes available in one single place.

Some free content aggregator tools that you can use are FlipBoard or Triberr. besides that, some content amplification tools where you can just reshare content are Viral Content Bee, Quora, Medium, etc.

Leverage the Instagram Remix Feature

If you leverage Instagram marketing, the remix feature of its reels is another great option to promote your content.

As you already know, reels can go viral and are loved by people. So, there is no need to mention how this remix idea can benefit you.

As a brand, you can use the Instagram remix feature in two ways.

One way you can do this is by remixing an existing reel of another brand or influencer, so you are more likely to reach a vast audience.

Or by creating your own reel and encouraging your customers to remix it.  For example, you can ask them to give a review of any specific product or challenge them to show the different ways they can carry or use it.

Collaborate with non-competing businesses.

This is another unusual content marketing strategy.

In this, you reach out to businesses that are somehow related to your niche but are not your direct competitors.

This way, you both tap into each other’s audience and contribute to mutual benefit.

For simple understanding, let’s say a digital marketing company specialising in social media management or content creation may approach photography studios.

Together, in partnership, both showcase how good the studio is at photography, helping the marketing company to click pictures for social media campaigns.

This can be done in the form of behind-the-scenes content that both the studio and the social marketing agency share from their social handles in collaboration.

Final Note

We hope these by embracing you will not only diversify your marketing efforts but also reach new audiences. It’s time to think outside the box and put these ideas into action for remarkable results.

Thank you for reading the article.  If you need professional help with your digital marketing strategy, you can talk to our expert digital marketing consultant.

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