OpenAI To Show Content & Links in Response to Queries: Is it good news for SEO?

OpenAI To Show Content & Links in Response to Queries Is it good news for SEO

The biggest nightmare of online publishers since ChtaGPT came into the picture was how badly their work would go in vain.

I mean, if people rush to conversational chatbots like ChatGPT instead of searching things on search engines like Google, it is obviously worrisome.

SEO professionals saw it as a threat to the future of SEO.

However, the recent partnership between OpenAI and the Financial Times brings new hope.

OpenAI has agreed to show reference links for the content it generates. Here is what the deal says.

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What is the deal between OpenAI and the Financial Times?

On April 29, 2024, OpenAI and the Financial Times announced their partnership. It is a kind of license agreement deal.

As per it, OpenAI will show reference links to the queries during conversations if any of the information generated comes via any of the articles of the Financial Times.

This means amidst all the AI copyright issues; the Financial Times will get recognition for its journalism, and users will get transparency. As the CEO of the Financial Times said, it’s right, of course, that AI platforms pay publishers for the use of their material. OpenAI understands the importance of transparency, attribution, and compensation – all essential for us. At the same time, it’s clearly in the interests of users that these products contain reliable sources.” 

The announcement also said that both OpenAI and Financial Time are in ongoing efforts to enhance AI and find out how they can make AI more advanced and enriched with real-time information.

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How is it good for SEO?

Well, the deal is only between FT and OpenAI, which means that only articles from FT will have reference links, not for any other.

But who knows if OpenAI will enter into more such deals in the future?

Or maybe, if not through a deal, ChatGPT uses web data to present information in a whole new way that changes the way people search or find things, just like Google’s SGE did.

I mean, adding attributed links sounds more like a search engine-type feature, so there is a chance that OpenAI will take steps to enhance it more in the future.

When these are only speculations, if it happens, that will be great news for those in the SEO industry.

They will get a chance to appear in search results, if not of those of Google, then at least in ChatGPT results.

The intent to say is that if people have a source link, they will more probably head to the website to check reliability or for more information, which can give search marketers a new way to attract traffic.

Well, what happens is still ambiguous. But we can definitely expect to see more advanced features in ChatGPT.

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