Google’s Gemini is incapable of generating people’s images. Here’s why!

Google’s Gemini is incapable of generating people’s images. Here's why! bitvero digital marketing company

If you ask Gemini, aka Bard, to generate an image of any person or humans, it will refuse immediately.

I asked it to generate the images of the founding fathers of America, to which Gemini replied that it is “incapable of generating people images”.

So, in the next prompt, I requested to generate an image of a cat sitting on the moon to check if it generates.

And Gemini did it in no time. It provided me with four different versions of images for the given prompt, which I found quite impressive.


Now, if it can generate images of anything, including the cat or the moon, then why not humans?

That is because Google has forbidden it from doing so!

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Why Gemini does not generate human images?

Actually, the story is that Gemini was initially able to generate images of even people. But later on, Google paused this ability due to a blunder it created that got backlashed from the internet.

According to some users, Gemini was generating images of historical personalities like those of the US Founding Fathers and Nazi-era German soldiers in black racial colour, even despite the fact they were actually white people.

It was a great initiative from Google to end the stereotype of black and white race, but it got wrong when the tool started being biased against whites.

In one instance, a Twitter user posted a screenshot in which he asked Gemini to generate images of black people, which it generated quickly. But again, when the user asked it to generate images of white people, it instantly refused.

google gemini refused to generate white people images bitvero digital marketing company

                                                                         Image via foxbusiness

Similarly, according to The Verge, when their team asked for various questions from Gemini, one of which asked for the image of “a US senator from the 1800s.” Gemini provided a Native American Black woman regardless of the fact that the first female senator was a white woman in 1922,- according to the Verge.

These are a few examples, as many such claims have come to the internet.  This all created a controversy and blamed Google for erasing the history of whites, labelling it as a conspiracy theory.

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Google’s  Response

Following all this backlash, Google apologised for such inaccuracies from its AI tool Gemini and immediately debarred it from generating images of people. Google made this announcement via Twitter. However, this pause is temporary.  As Google is working towards removing inaccuracies soon, Gemini’s ability to generate images of people will soon resume.

So, for now, you can’t expect Gemini to generate people’s images for you unless Google re-releases it with the same potential.

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