Do not do these five things with your social media accounts

We use social media day in and day out, whether for personal or business.

These five mistakes may affect your reputation among your friends & relatives, business connections and followers.

Mistake #1

Avoid using your social profiles to sell upfront unless you can ensure a value-added product or service.

Which means the benefits are more than its value.

Mistake #2

Avoid criticizing; your connections either may block or avoid you, and you may have a bitter conversation.

Mistake #3

Keep away from flattering; your social connections will not take you seriously.

Mistake #4

Handle paid promotions seriously, and make a promotional strategy evenly if necessary. A low quality repeating ad is enough to annoy.

Mistake #5

Spending too much time on social media consuming unnecessary content. Next time algorithm will show you the same unrequired content.

Bonus tip

Don’t take followers for granted! Give value and show consistency on Social media platforms in your regular day to day activities such as engaging with others’ posts by relevant commenting, like & shares others’ posts and of course respect others feeling before setting up expectations.

To sum up avoid.

social media mistakes

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