Do not do these 3 things with your website!

At times, we unknowingly ignore small but essential website support and maintenance elements.

No matter whether you are a small business or an established corporate. Ignoring essentials in website maintenance may surprise you in future. Either DIY or consult with a professional website design agency for website maintenance.

Below are the three things you should not miss while maintaining your digital asset.

Leaving the website without SSL certificate

SSL is also called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Netscape first developed SSL. And later on, TSL evolved.

SSL provides you with three essential things.

SSL Essential Things

SSL creates a secure connection between a user browser and the server.

3 types of SSL

There are three different types of SSL, and the most common is a single domain SSL.

Single Domain SSL

Works on one domain only; even sub-domains are not allowed.

Wild card SSL

The SSL includes sub-domains as well, but the primary domain remains one.

Multi-domain SSL

This SSL includes multiple domains & sub-domains.

SSL Types

SSL Cost Scenario

In India, starting cost of SSL is Rs.1400 per year.

Just to update, SSL installation is a part of website maintenance. However, the customer bears the cost of purchasing the SSL.

SSL installation process is technical; thus, if you don’t know, we recommend consulting a website design agency

If you want to know more about the hassle-free website maintenance & support service and the cost incurred for 24*7 website monitoring, then don’t hesitate to call our experts on +91 901 276 4000 no matter wherever you’re.

Leaving your digital asset orphan

Orphan websiteLeaving the digital asset without maintenance can be a big mistake, which may affect the reputation of your business.

Leaving the site orphan leads to

  1. No maintenance
  2. Downtimes
  3. Lack of updates
  4. Virus infections
  5. Outdated design
  6. No purpose

It may be better to terminate the digital asset instead of leaving it orphans.

If you possess a digital asset, you can outsource the website maintenance to a professional company like Bitvero, the experts who can provide a hassle-free maintenance service all year round.

Bitvero website maintenance and support starts with Rs.3000 per month, in which they are providing loads of services with 1 hour of updates.

Your digital asset lacks purpose

Your digital asset lacks purposeMost people think they are not an E-commerce; thus, their digital asset is just a corporate identity,

And even though it is, you should maintain it purposefully.

Otherwise, it will only show a lousy impression and may affect your existing business.

You can consider two things.

Consider a Website audit, and you will be surprised what’s missing with your digital identity.

Many hidden things which you wouldn’t have come across either.

Ensure a manual audit along with a software-based one.

Most digital marketers prefer cloud-based automation software for website audits.

However, a website audit is incomplete without manual checks.

E.g. Automation softwares are not designed to evaluate the quality of your website titles, description tags (meta tags), rich snippets etc.

Bitvero provides a Website audit service starting at Rs.5000.


Consider a professional approach, and maintain your digital asset under the expert’s supervision.

Even though you’re a small business, the online presence matters significantly in this modern era.

Your website is the front face of your business. So it should smile 🙂

Hope you will find the information useful.

Thank you.

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