Social Media Marketing Ideas Every Small Business Should Try!

Social Media Marketing Ideas Every Small Business Should Try!

Are you a small business looking for tips on taking your social presence to the next level?

Well, let us tell you that social success is not an overnight game. It takes effort and time, just like any other work.

However, it is also not impossible. With gradual efforts, you can succeed on social media. The only thing you need for that is patience, consistency and the right social strategy.

We can’t help you with patience and consistency. It requires your self-help.

But we can tell you some tips that you can use on social media to make a strong presence there gradually.

So, let’s get to know about them one by one.

Tip 1: Conduct Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Social media is meant to interact with people or customers for business purposes. Interactions demand two-way responses, and in this scenario, those polls and quiz features from social media platforms remain the best social marketing strategy because they end up exciting people to share their opinions or put their views, making them involved.

So, as a small business looking for social media marketing tips, if you are not yet ready for paid ads, starting from these basic features can both gradually and greatly impact your social media presence.

Almost all social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, offer interactive polls and quizzes in various areas, from stories to now even DMs via Broadcast channels of Instagram.

Tip 2: Use Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is temporary content that almost every social platform allows to be put up, usually for 24 hours. Despite the fact that such content does not last long, so not as many people as possible can watch it, it is still a must to embrace social strategy, especially when the aim is not to let your brand presence die among your followers.

You can place such stories for any reason, such as to inform people about new launches, discounts, or offers, share BTS, or even interact with people through polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions.

 Tip 3: Use Local Hashtags

Small businesses usually want to reach customers locally, like within a city or country.  While local SEO remains the best option for that, you can’t neglect the importance of social media, especially when the radius you want to reach gets broader and broader. That means not confined to the vicinity of your business but also outside the boundaries of your city or district, wherever you can manage to deliver.

Local hashtags on social media in this scenario can be your little yet highly meaningful efforts towards growing your small business on social media.

For instance, being a marketing company we can use local hashtags like digital marketing company in India or Social media marketing services in India.

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Tip 4: Jump on Trending Topics

Social media every next day has something new to discuss. One topic doesn’t get old, and before that, a new one starts trending. This is a good opportunity for a small business looking to increase brand awareness among the audience. No matter if the discussion is directly related to your product or service if you somehow manage to be involved in that with creativity, the strategy can be impactful in the long run for your business presence.

For inspiration, you can take ideas from brands like Zomato and Swiggy, being involved in almost every discussion, whether related to cricket or trending memes.

Tip 5: Remix Content

Remixing content is one of the best social media tips one can give you these days. That is because they have their own potential, beating almost everything.

Okay, maybe it has been exaggerated. But let us tell you, remixing content can probably get you more views and can even go viral. Who knows?

That is because people usually remix a piece of content that has already been viral simply with influencers, celebrities, or anyone with many followers.

So, when you twin up your creativity with the existing content already receiving so much love, you just end up giving a new perspective, humour, or even an entirely new meaning. As a small business, this gets you a new audience to tell about your brand and possibly more engagement opportunities with little effort—though comparatively!

Tip 6:  Embrace User Voting Campaigns

Again, when it comes to knowing people’s opinions, another social strategy that yields a meaningful understanding of customer preferences is user voting campaigns. As a business, you would also want to know what variations, versions, combinations, colours, or themes of a particular product or service the customer may like or dislike, so it becomes a win-win situation as you get the idea of market demand and stay active in the eyes of algorithms.

While different platforms usually allow polls to be conducted through stories, Instagram has now added poll features in the comment section, too.

Tip 7: Do Social Listening

Social listening, when directly won’t give you attention, traction or engagement, is a great strategy to stay up to what people have to say on the internet.

That can be what people think of your brand, your product or your service. Even if not your brand directly, social listening can give worthy information about what is going on in your industry or niche, like what people are liking and what not,  so that you can develop strong social media campaigns accordingly.

Several social listening tools can fetch valuable information for that. We have discussed some of them in this article; you can check it out.

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Tip 8: Integrate Social Commerce

For a business, having an e-commerce store is no longer an option but a necessity. When most companies have their own eCommerce website, small businesses that haven’t yet opted for social commerce have brought an advantage.

So even if at this moment you can’t afford a website design expense, social platforms have their online shops where you can just catalogue your products, and customers can browse and make a deal right from the app.

Instagram offers a whole Instagram shopping store with features like product tagging, shoppable posts and stories, product stickers and much more. Besides, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok have their own online shops so that your business keeps running smoothly, making it a must-have strategy for business growth.

That’s it!

We hope the given tips help you grow on social media. In case you are looking for expert help you can talk you our social media experts. To discuss call on +91 901 276 4000

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