The Importance of Using Instagram Remix Tool

Instagram marketing remix tool

With a larger user base—mainly GenZ- Instagram has become a favourite platform for brands as it has a diverse audience to offer. Whether clothing brands are looking for fashionistas or eatery brands for foodies or else- all kinds of target audiences are available.

Seeing the potential, Instagram marketing is no longer an option but a necessity for brands.

And what makes advertising on Instagram important is its amazing features.  Those carousels that let you post super-quality pictures and reels with the ability to make your content viral are just some of Instagram’s features. Instagram is beyond them. There are many such features that usually go underestimated but are actually great marketing tools.

One such is the Instagram Remix Tool. With its ability to save you time contemplating ideas about content creation, it lets you show your creativity.

If, as a brand, you have so far neglected using remixing tools, you have missed out on marketing opportunities.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the Instagram Remix Tool, but before that, let’s define what an Instagram Remix tool is.

What is the Instagram Remix Tool?

The Instagram remix tool was inspired by the TikTok Duet feature. It lets you create a remix of reels, videos, or even photos with an existing reel or photo by another content creator. When you remix with an existing reel, it usually appears in a split format on the screen alongside your recorded video or photo. People create remix reels with influencers’ or celebrities’ content, usually while participating in a challenge of collaborating with other creators or brands, giving a great video marketing opportunity.

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How to make Instagram Remix?

As also said previously, you can remix in three ways: reel, video, or photos. However, that is only if the creator’s account is not private and they allow remixing. To make an Instagram remix:

  • Go to the reel/photo you want to remix with.
  • Check if they allow remixing by clicking on the three dots appearing horizontally.

  • If yes, choose the remix option.

  • Next, you must choose the remix style, i.e., remix with the original video or remix with the after video.

  • Remix with Original video: play your video alongside the creator’s video in a split from the screen.
  • Remix After Video plays your video once the creator’s video is over.
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • Once you have chosen, press the capture button and start recording your video.
  • Besides recording the screen, you can also add some tools like stickers, text, filters, or music to make it even more effective.
  • Once done, either share it on Instagram or import it on your phone gallery.

What is the importance of remixing Reels on Instagram?

The most notable benefit of remixing a reel is that it improves your reach organically. When so many brands out there invest in paid Instagram marketing services, some find it not a viable option if there are budget constraints. In this scenario, if you remix with an existing viral reel, it increases the probability that the algorithm pushes your reel up, showing it to a larger audience.

Because remix reels can become visible to both your followers and the followers of the creator you are remixing with, they not only get you more views but also create brand awareness among different demographics.

Plus, if the algorithm has fueled a reel so much that it is going viral, you have a chance to take advantage of this momentum, boosting your visibility.

Usually, people remix reels in response to a challenge or to react to any opinion, discussion, trend, event, etc. As the remix seems reactionary reel, people show more interest in listening to the other side of the story or views and, in response, share their opinions on the same, boosting your overall engagement.

So, basically, if you can’t bear the Instagram marketing cost as a new startup, the Remix feature works almost as a free marketing tool. With a single feature, you can reach more people, get more views, boost engagement, and create brand awareness, all simultaneously with only a little creativity and effort.

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