5 Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

5 misconceptionsDigital marketing is the key to amplifying your business; however, opening the lock with the key is not that simple.

The reason is the competition which is quite fierce.

And as we all know, Google tech keeps a bird’s eye when it comes to search results & rankings.

Thus, how does it possible?

The good news is,

Yes, organic rankings in Google are possible with the correct approach & consistent effort using ethical digital marketing techniques.

To align such techniques, we should first dissipate misconceptions about digital marketing.

So that we can make informed decisions rather than ignored ones and end up nowhere?

Misconception #1

Digital marketing is easy! Hire a marketing agency, and we are done.

We say digital marketing is technical, and Google says,

Chose SEO carefully,

“Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damaging your site and reputation.

Make sure to research the potential advantages and the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site.”

Misconception #2

Is SEO cheap in Asian countries like India and Malaysia?

And if that is true, achieving rankings in search engines like Google could have been much more accessible.

Spend a few bucks, and you are on top of Google!

Different type of digital marketing companies exists, ethical & unethical, both everywhere; it depends on who you choose and how?

And those doing ethical SEO working are preoccupied with their clients & partners.

Misconception #3

Can we rank faster by infusing more money?

Be informed that Google works with a reputation for organic rankings and charges money when it comes to paid ads (PPC).

You can increase the size of your organic campaign to earn a reputation & trust. And that certainly takes time.

Misconception #4

I can start a PPC campaign and rank immediately; thus, why pay for a digital marketing campaign?

The moment you will stop a PPC campaign, results will vaporise! And that’s the bitter truth.

Thus, no matter the amount of time you spend and pay Google. The trust relationship is absent.

And that trust can only be earned with an organic digital marketing campaign. 

Misconception #5

Sell anything, make profits & grow?

Yes! You can digitally sell anything robust, should you consider selling a mediocre product/service. Think again!

That will only lead to draining your valuable resources.

Thus, if you are influenced by your competition and plan to copy them, failure is higher.

To summarise again,

Misconceptions about digital marketing

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