Corporates & their Digital Footprint

So, what exactly is the digital footprint?

Answering that is imperative before we dive in; as the term says, and we all know, digital footprint refers to the impression and acceptance of the brand digitally.

Likes & shares can be deceiving. What matters is the engagement.

How well is the brand connected to people, in reality, people socialize not brand?

People want to connect with people. Where brands are a thing non-living, Thus even acceptance is challenging to set aside creating emotional impact.

Still, brands left no stone unturned when it comes to going social.

They try every possible social channel. Ignoring the fact social channels are platform specific.

E.g. Twitter is micro-blogging, Instagram is photo-centric, LinkedIn is professional networking, and Facebook is generic.


We all know plus doesn’t exists anymore, however understand the basic reason Google shuts G+

The platform lacked engagement. And that’s it.

Yes! That’s one big reason Google shut it down.

The big difference

Once people accept corporate socially, it proves a game changer.

That acceptance reaches the masses within no time.

The brand value increases within no time.

Yes! That’s possible

Nowadays, corporates are inclined towards doing something loyal and ethical to the people, helping the community.

That not only makes but creates a difference.


Anything not loyal or ethical is rejected outright by the community, adversely affecting the brand.

Care needs to be taken while coming up with any such step of doing or portraying loyalty.

Then regaining the lost reputation becomes challenging.

Why errors happened

When corporates try to gain loyalty & trust overnight. Errors happen.

In the form of no-acceptance, disrespect, commenting, and disregard.

How to achieve a brand’s digital footprint?

That’s a strategic process. Trust needs to be earned, not purchased.

Brands try doing so goes nowhere.

Process is simple

For brands to ponder what they are trying to achieve, check products, appoint a team, set milestones, measure goals, have a lot of patience, focus and much more.

You see, that’s a journey.

Content & Stories

They are published every second; people don’t give a single thought before browsing the timeline.

Where’s the story gone? Does it matter?

Yes! Only if it matters to them, a second or two remains to catch their attention.


That’s social media, and it is powerful. It’s all about people first, brands later.

If you want to make your own space, talk to people first, and the brand comes within.

The same is not vice versa.

Bonus Tip

We call it social science. Better to outsource should you plan to make an impact.

As I said. Make teams. It’s all about people power.

Thank you for reading the stuff.

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