Is your business lacking online presence?

It’s not always tough to win search rankings, although challenging, what matters is the correct approach, patience, money for sure, and you will mitigate the risk with a fair probability.

corporate digital marketing consultancyPhase 1: Basic

Let’s understand few basic things

  1. Underestimating Google can be toxic to your business, think again.
  2. Digital assets are for humans first, search bots later
  3. Tech goes upwards and simpler as time passes, thus consider upgrading your digital asset
  4. Leaving the digital asset orphan means the end of it, consider support & maintenance.
  5. Define purpose & clarify intent of your digital asset to narrow down audience.

Ponder over the basics to follow the advance stages, and not the vice versa.

If the basics are inline, the digital asset will remain meaningful to form the basis for search perspective, which is intent & purpose.

Now, let’s go through the basic elements for a captivating digital asset formally known as a website design.

  1. Content
  2. Images
  3. Intent
  4. USP’S
  5. CTA

Thus if your business is lacking online presence, then the gauge is simpler than you think.

Try to screen the online identity right through the above.

Digital Marketing AgencyPhase 2: Audits

Next to analyse the reason digital asset is not performing in searches, consider a website audit to diagnose the problem and finding the best approach.

A comprehensive website audits will determine all the below factors of search engine optimisation & search engine marketing.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Social presence
  4. Link analysis
  5. Reputation analysis
  6. Content analysis
  7. Local presence analysis

On-page SEO refers to search friendly website. Search engines will struggle finding the website in absence of on page SEO factors.

On-site SEO is enhancing website pages so that search engines can easily find them when they crawl.

Onsite or on-page SEO or website optimisation or search friendly website are all same.

Making a website search engine friendly is critical and foremost for a strong SEO foundation.

Off page SEO

Search engine marketing or off-site SEO or off-page SEO or digital marketing or SEO or SEM are all the same terms used interchangeably.

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to amplifying or creating a buzz of your website at relevant places on the internet.

These places can be different websites related or adjacent to your industry. For e.g. your customers, your suppliers, your admirers, friends, third party reviewers, common people, influencers etc.

Implementing ethical digital marketing techniques are imperative.

Social Media Marketing CompanySocial presence analysis

People interact socially and connect with each other through different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

Typically people socialize not brands; thus acceptance of brands socially becomes challenging unless highly targeted.

Understanding audience and selection of social platforms are important.

Then how to interact with audience on open channels and make emotional connection is more of an art and science.

Thus analysing social health is one of crucial factors in determining brand health; and to be done by Social media marketing experts only

Link analysis

A backlink or link is same, when your website is getting a link from other website is a backlink.

Backlinks matters to search engines. A backlink means endorsement.

For e.g. if a highly reputed person is endorsing you in the community, will increase your trust, reputation and authority overnight.

And the same happens when a highly reputed website passes on a backlink; search engines indexes the link and establish authority of your website.

However; on the contrary, you can imagine if your website is getting a link from an invalid source; search engines indexes and degrade, delist or penalize your website.

Thus maintaining a healthy link profile is imperative to maintain a healthy brand online.

Consulting an ethical digital marketing company is a better choice when it comes to link building.

serving search resultsReputation analysis

Online reputation means how your customers are rating your company and its services.

And the rating influences the minds & decisions of perspective customers.

One of the prominent factors directly influences the buying decisions.

Brands does all to maintain a healthy online reputation of businesses.

Thus analysis and reporting of the same is crucial for businesses.

Content Analysis

What and how you are portraying to your website is simply the content.

Images, headings, sub-headings, call to actions, unique selling points, write-up and descriptions are all part of a content strategy.

If the content is failing to capture the intent of the visitor means the content is failing in the digital asset.

And if that is the case, no amount of SEO will work.

Thus analysis of the content strategy is imperative in any digital asset.

Local presence analysis

Localization refers to the recognition of business in the local region. And updating your local presence to search engines as well.

Do search engines know your website presence locally, determining that; changes the business game altogether.

Your local SEO helps and support the overall SEO strategy.

Thus analysis of local presence is important.

Digital MarketingPhase 3: Implementation

The last phase is to find an ethical digital marketing company who can help you understand discrepancies of website audit and successfully implement them.

Keep in mind the below during the phase

  1. You will need lot of patience as Google is a search engine backed with algorithm.
  2. Keep budgets as every step requires monies
  3. Follow the advice of your digital marketing agency, they are your only saviours in the digital game.


We need to do things right to see things right. Google says to create a digital asset for humans first and make it search friendly; and not vice versa.

In more simplistic manner, if people will like your website, search engines too will.

Check the approach if something is not working; means you are lacking somewhere.

After AI, big G is quite stronger and more powerful now. The smart AI can determine the intent of your search query.

Underestimating Google proves to be toxic for sure.

Thus be careful with your online presence; make sure to analyse your website with audits every year to fill the gaps and consider new technology and approach.

Thank you for going through the article. 🙂

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