How to increase conversions on your website?

Conversions are directly related to your audience, especially if the digital asset is E-commerce.

How to increase conversions differs from case to case. However, the following few common points are imperative.

Let us first see what conversion and conversion rate is; we call it CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion refers to the visitors taking the desired action on your digital asset/website. And that action can be:

  1. Purchase
  2. Filling a form
  3. Download a resource
  4. Go to the app
  5. Start subscription
  6. Newsletter signup
  7. Starting a free trial
  8. Join a community
  9. Open an account
  10. Refer a friend

And many other desired actions.

And if visitors on your website are browsing without a desired action, it means something somewhere is missing or lacking.

Do you need a CRO expert to find out what exactly is missing?

However; we can tell you what exactly a CRO expert will do on your website,

You need to examine every page of your digital asset concerning carefully

  1. Intent
  2. Content
  3. Images
  4. Call to actions
  5. Unique selling points
  6. Breakers like (page speed, optimisation, cross-browser testing, mobile friendly etc.)

Apart from the above, business strategies matter a lot when it comes to CRO. For example, in the case of rate parity, no amount of CRO will work unless justified.

However, the price also defers and depends on geo-location, services you are offering, brand reputation and many other factors.

Quality matters and comes first in CRO, be it product/service quality or website presentation quality, and that gives a lasting impression on the visitors. And can be a major hurdle if not handled properly.

Let’s discuss each of the above


You must check if the specific website page fulfils the customer’s intent.

The same you have to repeat for the whole website.

E.g. you are selling dog food, and the customer is on your products page; thus the customer’s intent is to purchase the dog food; ideally, the page should be equipped with necessary details like

  • Different types of dog food
  • Suitable for the type of breed
  • Cost
  • Delivery time & details

This means you must ensure that you are fulfilling the customer’s purchase intent.


Ensure targeted and precise content in the form of headings, sub-heading, facts, figures, USP etc.

Content with no purpose must be omitted,


Try using personalize images as far as you can; those images help build a trust level as compared to all stock images,

And website images must be fully optimised with formats like Web-P.

Call to actions

CTA should be evenly distributed on the website pages; placement of CTA’s should be targeted and well defined and stand out from the rest of the page.

Unique Selling Points

USPs; what is unique in your product/service? You must tell your visitor, as they are compelling factors that support the actual conversions.

For example – Dog food from Germany, return if your dog will not love it!


Fixing them is so important that they can make or break your web asset, e.g. visitors will bounce if your website pages are not opening fast! If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may lose 50% of visitors.

Calculate website conversion rate

The simple formula is,

The number of conversions / the number of visitors on your website x 100, e.g. if 1000 visitors and 50 are converting, 50/1000 x 100 = 5%


Simply come in the shoes of the customer you are planning to sell, and you will then see what exactly your website is missing and how you can fix them.

However, the above is all time-consuming; you can discuss it with a professional digital marketing company to increase conversions.

Thank you for going through the article.

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