Demystifying Digital Marketing Packages: What Every Business Owner Should Know


When it comes to going for digital marketing services, most businesses wonder what they should pay.

It is like a dilemma- if a digital marketing company charges a big amount for their services and claims them to be worthy, is it even worth it?

Answering it in Yes or No is not that simple until you consider some factors.

There are several aspects you need to analyse, including their marketing packages with breakdown plus your budget and needs.

So, in this guide, we will discuss those factors you should take into account while considering digital marketing packages.

Let’s start!

First Things First

Before heading to compare marketing packages from various companies, first, getting things clear on your part should be your guiding principle.

That means identifying your needs and goals from digital marketing is the first step.

You should have clear in mind what you want from a marketing campaign, i.e., brand awareness, sales or else.

Also, putting in place the maximum budget you can afford for online marketing is important before moving to search for a digital marketing agency.

Moving to the Next Step

Now that you have clarity about your marketing objectives and budget, you may ask marketing companies to provide their packages.

While comparing them, their track records, reviews, portfolios and testimonials are obviously the things to scrutinise first.

What should you look for in a package?

Usually, marketing companies compile their packages with a range of marketing services. All of them may not be of your need.

Remember, one size does not fit all. And if they claim so, heads up! It can be a red flag!

So, the first thing you must look at in the packages is customisation.

The right digital marketing agency will give you the flexibility to opt for the only services you need.

They adjust prices based on your niche, audience, and goals.

They will give you a complete breakdown of how much they are charging for each service.

Plus, if they charge you based on a digital marketing calculator, that is even great!

With a calculator, you will have transparency about what ratio of package amount is being dedicated to the different digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Calculator Bitvero digital marketing company

What your ideal services should be in the package?

As I said previously, digital marketing companies come up with packages that include various services.

They will offer you optimisation services like social media or search engine optimisation.

Besides organic, they may also add paid ad services like Google PPC or Facebook ads.

Other services like website design, content marketing, and influencer marketing can also be part of their package.

As said, you may not want to buy the package as it is.

Sure, you must be looking for social media marketing services, but not for all social platforms.

For example, they offer you Facebook marketing, but you want to promote on Twitter.

Similarly, you may want to be visible on search engines but not through paid PPC campaigns but other alternatives like Local SEO or organic SEO.

So, your ideal marketing services should only be that you genuinely want and fit into your budget.

What’s more?

Besides the basic things, you need to be extra careful while considering a digital marketing package.

For example, if your marketing company’s package contains paid ads, you must enquire if you wouldn’t have to pay the expenses of these ads from your pocket. Instead, the company bears it.

Even if that cost remains outside the package, what exactly will you have to pay, and how long will the paid ads run?

Similarly, if you are also taking the website design service, will it come with other relevant services like logo design, hosting and domains?

In case the company offers its own hosting, will it be a managed hosting service?

These are some examples of areas you should have clarity on before proceeding with online marketing services from a digital marketing solution provider.

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