The Role of a Social Media Marketing Consultant in 2024

The Role of a Social Media Marketing Consultant in 2024 bitvero a digital marketing company in India

With each new year, social media is becoming even more of a part of our life.  Whether it is a brand, a person, or a social media consultant, everyone finds the importance of social presence.

However, as each year passes, the next year brings new trends, including those in social media marketing.

You would agree that almost each and every social platform brings new features that become a must to utilise.

Honestly, not only features but algorithms, trends, and user behaviour also keep changing.

In this scenario, staying up to date with all such becomes important, especially when you want to use social media for brand success.

Business owners who want to promote their brand through social media do not usually have much time or that much level of expertise in social media marketing, so they rush to social media experts.

And here comes the role of the social media marketing consultant.

As they are experts, from effective strategy making to digging deep down into the campaign insights, they handle all strategically.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how a social media marketing consultant helps you win the social game.

Strategic Planning & Analysis

When you take your project to a social media marketing company, their consultants first ask about your requirements.

For example,

What is your intent?

What do you want to achieve from social media?

What are your current marketing strategies?  In case of any.

Who do you want to target? Etc. etc.

Based on this, they came up with a fresh strategy.

No matter if you already have a social presence, they will audit it to bring out its strengths and weaknesses.

They also analyse your competition at this point.

Once everything gets clear, a marketing consultant develops a broad social strategy based on your audience, market, and social platform.

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Content Creation & Management

The initial social media strategy that your marketing experts develop also encompasses content creation.

They have a full-proof roadmap that includes what, when and where they are going to publish a piece of content.

This also includes the “how” aspect, i.e., in what form (images, reels, story) they will publish content remains decided.

However, as also said previously, new trends keep emerging.


This makes adapting the existing strategy to them crucial.

So, the digital marketing company brings flexibility to the strategy and keeps adjusting the content according to the latest demand.

In this way, content management becomes an ongoing process.

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 Community Building & Management

Just like content management, managing relations with the audience also remains ongoing.

Constantly replying to DMs and comments and promptly answering queries, social media managers vigilantly look at everything.

Besides this, they also encourage followers or other users to engage -like through consulting contests, giveaways or asking questions.

From time to time, collaborating with influencers for marketing is also one of the important roles of social media marketing consultants in 2024.

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Campaign Management & Measurement

That broad social media strategy also includes social media marketing services.

Marketing consultants use paid social ads to take brand reach far more yet segmented audience.

For this, they prepare and execute a targeted social media ad campaign.

Besides running ads, digital marketers also use their expertise to evaluate a campaign’s performance based on metrics like reach, engagement, leads etc.

They analyse if it goes in favour or if there is room for improvement.

In fact, the role of a social media marketing consultant is not only to develop, implement or refine campaigns.

But this expands to presenting results as well.

Based on the outcomes of both organic and paid campaigns, they report to you about them, ensuring you see the whole scenario of your media performance.

Want Professional Help?

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