Social media branding in 2024: How to get it right?

Social media branding in 2024: how to get it right?

Using social media for more leads, conversions, and sales is a good idea.

However, it is only one aspect of a broad social media marketing strategy.

That is because if you want to reap long-term benefits, a strong brand identity on social media is what you need.

Obviously, you would not want those conversions to end up being single-time customers,

Instead, what you would want is a loyal fan following that shows trust in your brand and loves to share lasting connections.

In this scenario, making more and more new people aware of your brand and fostering long-term relationships with the existing ones is important.

However, doing so requires a strategic and updated approach to social media branding.

So, in this guide, let’s get to know key elements that will help you get it right in 2024.

How to get social media branding right in 2024?

Presently, some developments and trends in digital marketing are emerging.  They somewhat affect your social media branding, positively or negatively, depending on your approach.

That means it may cost you a lot if you still neglect them and devise a refresh or updated social branding strategy accordingly.

Keeping in mind those trends, let’s see how you can mould your social branding strategy to remain at par with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Trend: Shifting Focus

From mass reach to niche engagement.

If you still rely on the spray-and-pray approach, it’s time to undo it.

You cannot expect everyone active on social media to engage with your content,

It’s high time to filter out the core audience and make genuine brand connections with them.


Quality over Quantity

Content is the basic unit of communication and so in marketing.

But with any generic content or “post-everything” mentality, you may make your content marketing efforts go in vain.

No one will stick to your brand longer if you keep posting that same boring stuff, no matter how frequently.

Instead, something interesting that boasts high-quality visuals or content can bring you strong brand engagement even if not posted in sheer volume.

 Trend: Technological Advancement

Using AI to re-energize, not replace, the team

Using AI tools for content creation or automation is the new normal.

Everyone is using them for efficiency, and so should you. Because if you avoid leveraging artificial intelligence, you may lag behind.

However, when it comes to brand authenticity, human empathy is needed.

Robots cannot better narrate your unique brand story or voice than your team.

As they can narrate it with all heart and emotions, building more genuine and meaningful connections with the audience.

In short, maintaining human centricity and avoiding sounding robotic is crucial for authentic narratives.

Embracing AR and VR

Technology is taking convenience to another level.

So, if you still rely on static or 2D content, you are compromising on user experience.

Their ability to show products/services, their appearance, functionality, and real-world application are making people fans of them.

Because sitting at home in comfort with a phone in hand, AR filters let people test how well the product will look when actually used, giving them both convenience and a sense of personalisation.

On the other hand, VR or virtual reality gives the whole immersive experience.

Now, you must be thinking that is good, but how does it positively impact social branding?

Think of Instagram filters when you collaborate to create AR filters to show your product and its application in real time.

This on social media not only grabs attention but gives you brand recognition.

AR and VR technologies are emerging

Trend: Privacy & Authenticity

Privacy centric approach

Privacy is becoming a major concern, and data is now the most valuable resource, at least according to the Economist.

People expect brands to be crystal clear about their data protection, which is not wrong at all.

In this scenario, when, as a brand, you remain transparent with them, i.e., clear on what, why, and how you are going to use their personal information and that too with consent, builds trust.

Most importantly, giving them the right to withdraw their consent anytime they want is showing your respect towards their privacy and rights.

By doing so, you give customers no option but to trust your brand anytime and every time.

User Generate Content for Authenticity

To gain brand authenticity, you will have to be authentic.

Sounds great! But wait! How would I do that?

Well, UGC is the answer to this “how?’”.

When you share user-generated content, it is better than blowing your own trumpet.

Because you share the experience of people who have already used the product and have something positive to say about it, potential customers find it authentic.

Plus, because we are talking about social media branding strategies, social platforms are the best place to share this UGC content.

Emerging Trends

Short-form videos are emerging

Long videos are good, but short videos are the best.

Because people give love to them, more and more brands embracing such videos have become a new trend.

You would agree that the arrival of short format videos like Instagram and TikTok are the reasons for their popularity.

Knowing all this, if you still neglect the importance of short videos, you are compromising your overall brand growth.

The point here is to re-evaluate your social media marketing strategy if it doesn’t go this way.

Using storytelling, humour and trends in short-form videos can work better to drive brand recall.

Note- Get to know about the top 5 AI Video Generators to use for social media marketing.

Influencer Marketing is the new normal

While influencer marketing has emerged as a whole new trend in recent years, micro-influencers have a unique place in marketing.

Because, unlike macro counterparts, these influencers yield higher engagement, irrespective of their comparatively small fan following.

As said, they have little fan following but a high engagement rate, yet they do not charge a big chunk of the amount to endorse brands.

This is the reason more and more brands are going after them

Another reason is that with a modest number of followers, they closely engage with the audience.

With all this, an authentic brand representation among people collaborating with them is a valuable marketing strategy in the current status quo.

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