Optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns for Voice Search

Optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns for Voice Search - Bitvero

Let’s first know why we have come up with this title.

I mean, why is it even a thing to optimise marketing campaigns for voice search?

That’s because more searches are now taking place through voice.

To be more precise, 125.2 million people used voice search in 2023- the highest since 2017.

In this scenario, not missing out on such searches becomes extremely important.

And for that, optimising campaigns for voice searches is the solution.

Now, we have an idea that optimising digital marketing campaigns for voice queries is important, but how to do that is still the question.

So, in this guide, we will try to find out the answer to the question. Here, we will discuss some tips that can help a lot.

Let’s get to know about them one by one.

Understand Natural Language

If you have ever searched for things over the internet through voice, you would agree that they tend to be conversational.

For instance, if you were looking for a website design service.

So instead of simply saying web design, you may go conversational like  “Tell me the best website design company in India or best web design company near me.”

If you have noticed, the query looks in natural language because it possesses long tail keywords.

And that’s the tip you need to grab!

When optimising your digital campaigns, do not only focus on the main or short tail keyword.

Instead, find its long-tail alternatives that people may use to search and sound conversational.

By doing so properly, you may succeed in appearing in searches coming through voice.

Pro tip: Keywords research tools like Google Keywords Planner can help you identify those relevant long tail keywords.

Optimise for Local

People usually want quick solutions, so they search for things available in their vicinity.

This can be any product or service, e.g., a restaurant, parlour or mobile repair shop.

Ask yourself if you have used that microphone feature to search for things locally.

Chances are higher; you have done it.

Suppose you visit a new city and feel hungry.  Now, you take your phone out of your pocket and speak to Google Assistant to tell you the best vegetarian hotels near you.

These hotels that appear in response may or may not be the best, but they are shown to you because the owner has optimised them for local and voice searches.

Visiting them or not is up to you.

But this tells you the importance of listing your business on Google My Business and optimising using location-based keywords like near me or in Delhi (any city), etc.

How to make your digital marketing successful? Get to know!

Featured Snippet your content

You have already seen the featured snippet. If you ever put a query on Google and got the answer in the following manner.

Featured Snippet your content for voice search - Bitvero India a digital marketing company

Featured snippets are basically short excerpts of content that bring it to zero position, i.e., even top of organic rankings.

They become visible when Google pulls information from a well-written article to respond to a query in a very concise and precise way.

So, if Google does that, what is your role in this?

Well, the tip here is to optimise your content in a highly structured manner.

That means clear headings, concise answers, bullet points, and easy paragraphs are what you need to consider while optimising.

Google shows four types of featured snippets, i.e.

  • Paragraph feature snippet
  • Video feature snippet
  • Bulletin Feature snippet
  • Table feature snippet

If you noticed, in our logo design query, the snippet that was shown to us was the Bulletin Feature Snippet.

Besides, in response to a voice query, Google can pull excerpts from your article and show the mentioned snippets if you make it well-structured.

 Note: Do not do these 3 things with your website!

Optimise for Question Queries

That I tell you because a user usually, when searching for something using voice, does it in a question form.

There might be instances where you did the same.

For instance, you may have asked the search engines some questions like “Which is better, iPhone or Android?

And, in return, you get that very specific highlighted excerpt of any blog answering your question.

It is because that piece of content was optimised with this question kept in mind. So, eventually, you end up getting a very straightforward answer to your query.

These questions can be in different forms with different intents, like what, who, where, and when. Even how to do that, and comparison questions are placed there.

So, writing or optimising any piece of content that gives a concise and precise answer to such queries becomes essential, especially when you want to target those voice searches.

You can consider the FAQ pages to answer a variety of questions about the concerned topic.

Pro tip: You can use tools like Answer the Public to find out the questions people are asking about any topic.

Optimise for Mobile Devices

How many times have you craved your favourite snack and rushed to your PC to search for it using a microphone and then order it?

Maybe quite rarely!

That I said because people usually use their phones (and not PCs) to search and order.

Even according to Google, 27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile.

Mobile searches are increasing says Google - Bitvero India a digital marketing company

The point is to optimise your digital marketing campaign for mobile devices.

That means during the website design process, testing every element of the website to see how it appears on a mobile screen becomes extremely crucial if you want to optimise digital marketing campaigns for voice search.

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