How User-Generated Content is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Forever

How User Generated Content is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Forever by bitvero social media marketing company in India

Word of mouth is always the best thing about marketing. Both traditionally and in modern contexts, brands use this as part of their marketing strategy. The reason is quite simple: you just need to encourage people to spread the word on your behalf.

Obviously, not without going through a product on your own- but sharing personal and true experiences.

Now, in the era of digital marketing, this strategy stands evergreen.

The difference is that previously, it was done through channels like TV, newspapers, billboards, or radio, and now it is on the Internet.

When brands encourage people to share their experiences with a product through online channels, this is called user-generated content.

Within itself, user-generated content has many forms for recommending things—for instance, reviews, social shares, testimonials, etc.

In all its forms, user-generated content is so much loved by brands throughout their marketing funnel, as it has revolutionised everything from building brand credibility to influencing customers’ ultimate purchasing decisions.

This guide focuses on sharing what capacity user-generated content has to dramatically boost your marketing presence and how popular brands are killing it.

But before that, if you don’t know what user-generated content is, let’s look at the definition.

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 What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is a type of recommending content about a product or service directly coming from customers who have already used it. Based on their personal experiences, customers forward a message to other people (looking for the same product) if it is good enough to consider.

Again, this can be in any form- reviews, testimonials, social media posts, photos, videos, and more.

Basically, it is more organic than promotional.

User-generated content gets love from both sides, i.e., brands and customers. Brands embrace user-generated content because it has the potential to maintain the genuineness of products and, ultimately, of brand and customers, as they can find it reliable and worth buying when social proof is provided by a peer.

Here is how user-generated content is helping brands in digital marketing.

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Building Trust and Credibility

With the rise in online scams, people are now more willing to connect with trustable brands only. This gives a brand signal of how important credibility is to thrive.

User-generated content works as a tool in this matter.  So, when brands share such content, it seems more organic than promotional. Positive reviews help customers come out of scepticism.

According to Hubspot,  90% of consumers say user-generated content (UGC) has more influence on their buying decisions than promotional emails and even search engine results.

90% of customers say user generated content influences their buying decision

Basically, for brands to remain authentic, user-generated content is an effective marketing strategy.

If I were to give you an example of a brand, Nykaa has made its name household sharing user-generated content.

Nykaa took to their e-commerce website reviews, ratings, and testimonials as social proof.

Moreover, it frequently launches banded hashtags encouraging users to share their skincare routines or makeup looks within their ambit.

Nykaa user generated content bitvero digital marketing company in india


 Fostering Authentic Engagement

With brands in abundance, each one vying for attention, engagement becomes the most viable way out.

And, that engagement comes with two-way communication, and when customers feel that their opinions, likes, and dislikes, which they share with brands, are listened to and given weightage, they feel connected to the brand and remain excited to engage with every next post on social media.

In this scenario, most brands come up with content ideas that usually seek answers, opinions, and feedback from social media audiences and even share their responses to brands’ social handles as posts and stories.

The most notable example of such content is Zomato. The brand always has something new for its audience, sometimes debatable, sometimes trendy,  and sometimes humorous- but always designed to spark interaction.

zomato user generated content example bitvero social media marketing company

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Amplify Reach & Visibility

You know, virality these days has become a new normal, and the habit of people sharing everything on social media is not something we should tell you.

From opinions to experiences, we have we have to dump all on social media.

In this scenario, many times, people share their experience with a product or brand is like online with friends, followers, or connections. If this experience seems positive, more people will show interest. Instagram reels and TitTok videos are quick and effective at setting the narrative of a product or a brand. If, luckily, this user-generated content comes from an influencer with a mighty fan base that ends up sharing a good experience with your brand, the reach of your brand goes to another level.

Myntra is the best example of learning from how, as a brand, you can reach a wide audience using user-generated content. Myntra has different strategies for that, from hashtag campaigns to influencer collaborations.

 myntra insider campaign example of user generated content by bitvero digital marketing company in india

Mnytra has a hashtag campaign called #Myntrainsider in which Myntra encourages people to share pictures of how they carry their fashion sense and flaunt their lifestyle.


Basically, the power of user-generated content in social media marketing services is becoming another level tool to amplify your brand message and reach new customers through user-generated content. Social media marketing can help you tap into the authentic voice of your customers to build trust and credibility.

We hope the article helped you understand the importance of it and gave an idea of how neglecting UGC content in your marketing strategy can cost you a lot!

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