Small Business & Digital Marketing

If you may think digital marketing is costly. Think again.

Results in the long run are worth the efforts.

The so called big businesses were happened to be smaller at some point.

What matters is the strategy when it comes to playing in the digital world of asset creation & marketing.

Here are the five tips to check if you are following the right strategy.

Planning with your digital assetPlanning with your digital asset

In absence of a meaningful digital asset, setting up marketing efforts would be jeopardizing finance.

Even though your existing digital asset is compelling, it needs auditing in order to ascertain the viability of digital marketing approach. 


You are an established export house in Moradabad or in any part of India and keeping a well-defined corporate branding identity along with a digital asset.

And now planning to sell locally. As it is entirely a different market, the approach related to selling, branding, digital marketing would start afresh.

Your approach of exports may not work in the local market. Thus the strategy would entirely different.

Not keeping a budgetNot keeping a budget

Small businesses are low on budgets, perhaps without proper budget allocation, the project otherwise may fail either.

Thus it is imperative to start only if you are keeping a budget, no matter small.

However it is recommended to take a professional consultation of digital marketing approach

To derive strategies, what you badly need is consultation on E-commerce.

Any level of planning may fail in absence of targeted information & experience.

Thus take informed decisions rather than ignored ones.

Audience & MarketAudience & Market

Failing in determining your audience & market may jeopardise the idea as a whole.


An established export house in Moradabad tries to sell their products of French or European taste, in the Indian market.

It is highly likely they may fail,

Either with customer preferences or with price point or both.

Competitor researchCompetitor research

One most important factor to penetrate the local market. Any level of strategy may crash if you have ignored competitor research.

It is only after an exhaustive competitor research on the product that you come to know the hidden or uninformed facts & figures.


You are planning to sell a Metal flower vase in Rs. 500, after research it came to light that people are selling the same type of vase in Rs. 300-400.

Digital marketing plan is incomplete in absence of competitor research.

Ignoring the digital market placeIgnoring the digital market place

Players like Amazon, Flipkart redefined the rules of marketing altogether. Thus we suggest to first try selling on market places and then plan to expand gradually with your own digital asset.

And you can successfully sell on the market place, then it would be easy for you to sell on your own digital asset.

Although if you may think your products are keeping a niche market and you are keeping budgets, then you can consider selling directly & on the market places as well.

Thus to summarize,

Small business keeps a direct relation with digital marketing if they are planning to expand.

5 points small business & digital marketing

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