Google Soon Launching ChatGPT Rival Called ‘Gemini’

google-to-launch-gemini-bitvero-indiaFor a very long, Google was pretty on the down-low about its new rival for ChatGPT. However, in mid-2023, Google CEO Sundar Pichai finally broke the news through his blog post.

Pichai gave a mention of the new chatbot called “Gemini”, citing that it is still under training.

But now here comes a report from the Information hinting that Google is about to launch Gemini by the fall of 2023.

Ever since ChatGPT left people crazy, we saw Google in full action, making efforts to secure its monopoly in the market.

In 2023, Google introduced Bard as its counterpart to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Though it couldn’t give tough competition, compelling Google to bring a new model that will revolutionise the experience in generative AI.

According to the CEO of Google’s Deepmind,  Gemini is even more versatile than GPT-4 and ChatGPT and may outperform them, eventually reducing OpenAI’s dominance in the market.

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What exactly is Gemini?

Gemini is a large language model deriving its training technique from AlphaGo, the same computer program that defeated a professional human Go player. Unlike the previous models of Google, like LaMDA, PaLM, and PaLM 2, Gemini is designed as a multimodal, meaning it can process not only text but also images, videos, and audio.

ChatGPT was also launched as unimodal until recently, when it was updated to accept image and voice inputs.

In the announcement, Pichai mentioned that Google brought its two AI research teams, Brain Team and DeepMind, together to develop Gemini, making it a next-generation model

He further said it is highly efficient at tool and API integrations and built to enable future innovations, like memory and planning. While still early, we’re already seeing impressive multimodal capabilities not seen in prior models.

Also, it was said that once Gemini is rigorously tested for safety, it will be available in various sizes and capabilities, just like PaLM 2.

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Will Gemini really unseat ChatGPT?

Well, if Gemini really surpasses ChatGPT, it is just a waiting game.

However, Gemini’s multimodality and Google’s plan to integrate it with other Google products like Docs, Gmail, etc., to make things easier give signals that Gemini may outperform ChatGPT.

Google has access to its consumers’ data via YouTube, etc., that it can use to train the model, so it has an edge over OpenAI.

Moreover, Google will use Gemnini to power Bard. As Gemini can generate text faster, that means Bard will perform even better.

Google said Gemini is designed to have better memory and planning, making it remember things way better than ChaGPT and plan your tasks like a pro.

On the other hand, ChatGPT also has its own strengths that we can’t underestimate.

Like ChatGPT’s, creativity in generating text and understanding the query’s intent still remains on the top.

So, by now, all we can say is that it’s too early to jump to a conclusion. It is all up to what lies ahead if Gemini really beats ChatGPT.

However, till now, with all the clues about Gemini, it appears there is going to be a fierce rivalry among the tech giants.

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